E9 – Front building

The steady rise in demand for high-quality residential properties is placing significant pressure on the Leipzig real estate market, especially near the city centre. We are therefore delighted to present one of the last remaining unrenovated, listed properties in a central location. By refurbishing this building, the Leipzig property developer is creating a visionary concept that is based on more than just rock-solid planning, calculation and construction. Instead, we are guided in particular by the need to respond to social and environmental circumstances, which are becoming increasingly important in the fast-growing city of Leipzig.

Two of the principal challenges are associated with the population’s changing age structure and the need to improve energy efficiency in buildings. In order to reflect they key factors, we have defined the following priorities for the core refurbishment of the building at Eutritzscher Strasse 9 in the Zentrum-Nord district of Leipzig, which comply with the preservation order:

• Family-friendly apartments and single-occupancy units
• Barrier-reduced installation of an elevator
• Core renovation in line with the preservation order
• Improved energy efficiency

The current concept includes 12 apartments from studio size to 3-bedroom units. Their spacious design will be particularly suitable for the needs of young families. The considerable demand for single-occupancy apartments will also be met.

von Saldern Immobilien GmbH